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Error Nuker Review

Error Nuker is another popular registry repair program in the industry, and it's got a large online following.

Error Nuker is one of several related applications from a company called "TrekBlue", the others including "Spyware Nuker", "Spam Nuker" & "Popup Nuker".

Error Nuker is designed for Windows® 98/ME, 2000, XP & Vista™

Registry Repair Ability:

The initial registry & system scan was definitely comprehensive, although it took a few seconds longer than many of the other solutions we've tested - and this might actually be a good thing (hey, what's a few seconds if it does a good job - right?).

Error Nuker was very thorough in its search within the registry, the PC's hard-drive and other system attributes (such as fonts, startup processes, driver associations, DLL references) and so on.

Our test computer seemed faster after using Error Nuker, quite noticably so on the Windows startup routine. Additionally, many of the error messages & warnings/notifications disappeared altogether, which was definitely a positive indication that Error Nuker had, indeed, nuked some errors!

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Ease of Use:

While not as much of a "hand-holding" experience as we've had with other products on the market, Error Nuker is very straight-forward and easy to use in general. Right from the first scan to scheduling future registry scanning/repair/optimization sessions, it's certainly not hard to do or execute - even for beginner computer users.

Essentially, Error Nuker will guide you through the following processes:

* Registry & System Scans: There's the auto-scan, which does a comprehensive system scan - or you can do a "manual scan", you can select which types of registry errors (and other errors) in particular that you want to repair.

* Manual Cleanup: After the program finds & isolates errors, you can simply follow the prompts to remove or otherwise repair the errors/invalid entries as necessary

Note: Error Nuker automatically makes a backup of your system before any modifications or edits are made to the registry - or your PC in general - so that any changes can easily be "undone".

* Scheduled Usage: You can schedule the program to scan your PC on a regular basis to ensure that you're always running at optimum performance and without errors.

In a nutshell, Error Nuker lives up to its promises and it's an effective registry cleaner.

Customer Support:

Error Nuker offers online support through a ticket-based helpdesk system. Technical support is offered for customers with a registered full version.

Error Nuker Overall:

(Overall Score - Not an Average)

Error Nuker is a robust & capable registry cleaner that is certainly able to nuke your system's problems - in a short amount of time.

We recommend its use regularly for optimum system performance...

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